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Biography - Charles Pecoraro

Charles Pecoraro's interest in art began as a child. He loved drawing many different  subjects,
adventure and action scenes, super heros, racing cars and rockets, the fun went on and on. 
After graduating high school he enrolled in The School of Visual Arts, New York City 1967.
He studied Media And Fine Arts and won awards in each major.
After graduating high school he immediately began working in the commercial art field doing
production and design work for Harpers Bazaar and Pan American World Airways. In 1978 he
began a 30 year career as an Advertising Illustrator/Sketch Artist for television commercials
and print media. This covered every type of client, from major corporations to fast food companies.
During this time he continued to paint the figure, still lifes and Central Park at The Art Students
League of New York. He studied with Nelson Shanks and Ronald Sherr.
Charles began painting full time in 2010 and presently lives, works and  exhibits in New York
City. Subjects are cityscapes, sidewalk cafes and markets, building atriums and Central
Park. The goal he says, is to find unique qualities in a subject and emphasise them in my
Exhibitions are, The American Artist Professional League's 89th Grand National Exhibition 2016,
The Salmagundi Non-Members Exhibition 2016, The Bowery Gallery's 25th Annual Juried
Competition 2016, The Chaffetz Lindsey Law Office 2017-2018, The Manhattan Borough Presidents
Office Gallery 2017 and The Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery 2016 and 2017 winning blue dots
in each exhibit. He is also an Elected Member of The American Artist Professional League.
Charles says, living and painting in Manhattan gives him an endless and exciting source of subject
matter and inspiration. It's a great city to create in.